On Self Doubt Fridays.

Welcome to doubt

I wonder if every writer suffers from what I now call ‘get a hair cut and get a real job’ moments? Those moments of panic when you’re driving, in the supermarket or at your day job, when you think about how you’ve devoted you life to trying to make this writing thing work and you think:

“What on earth am I doing?!!! I should be working in an office somewhere earning actual money!”

For some reason this always seems to happen to me on a Friday…

Except when it happens on a Tuesday…

No, I don’t know why…

This is where I deeply appreciate my fellow artists and the people who believe in me who slap me upside the head whenever I get like that. The people who threaten to mug me in a dark alley if I ever give up writing.

You guys are worth your weight in gold.




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