On New Strings to Bows


Again, its been a while…

I have been tired… very tired… The kind of tired where you can’t even get out of your own way and the thought of trying to use your brain, let alone trying to be creative is… well…


You know the feeling.

Never the less strange unexpected things grow in these kinds of places and the inspiration arose to try out a skill that I thought had been left behind at high school.

I decided to start illustrating.

I took art to 7th Form level in high school (thats either 12th Grade or Year 13 in current speak, I think) and when I graduated it seemed to get packed in a suitcase under the bed and never used again. Until lately…

I got out the metaphorical suitcase, dusted off my skills and had a go at drawing some of the characters in The Standingground Chronicles. I started off with Grumble which may or may not have been a good idea. Grumble is a griffin which meant I had to learn to draw an eagle head… then a lion body… then wings… Then assemble them all together like some outlandish exercise in drawing lego. Then I hit upon the idea of posting them here. It’ll give you some idea of what my brain has come up with. They may never get into my published work but this is a special treat for my potential fans. Just follow the link or click on the page ‘Character Art’.

And so I reveal my first character: Ta Dah


Grumble von Humboltshire, Knight of the Second Order of the Talon Gard, is the guardian of the Standingground family. He takes his position seriously. Perhaps a little too seriously because of traumatic past experiences.  He gets rather paranoid about Petunia’s safety which results in the unfortunate habit of him shoving Petunia under his wing and sitting on her whenever he gets in a panic. Still, he is a fearsome guardian. He first appears in Book 1 – the House of Petunia, and will take quite an important role in book 4 of the Standingground Chronicles – The House of Scathland.

More character art will be forthcoming soon. (When I get ’em finished and figure out how to work this benighted sketch program I’ve downloaded…)


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