As yet all my projects are in the process of being written or edited. I’m heading down the traditional publishing route so it may be a while before you see any of my work in print but I’ll be keeping you updated on the process.

The Standingground Chronicles

Petunia Standingground was left an orphan when her parents disappeared in a magical accident when she was just a baby. Now she lives a Cinderella-like existence with her aunts and longs for the day when she can call Standingground House her own. But the machinations of her sinister tutor Mr. Ulysses put Petunia’s house and her future in jeopardy. All seems hopeless except for the strange instructions given to her by a stranger from the woods, calling himself a friend of the family, who gave her five chestnuts.

If you find yourself in real trouble, break open one of the chestnuts and I will come…

 And so enters the amazing Mr. Triptych and Petunia’s life is turned suddenly and chaotically upside down.

 Together with her enigmatic new friend Petunia works to uncover the secrets of the Standingground Estate and discover her own forgotten family legacy. It will lead her further into the magical world than she ever dreamed she would go.

It also seems that Petunia’s parents aren’t quite as dead as originally thought…

 It’s a bad day to be a tutor with designs on a young girls inheritance.


So far the Standingground Chronicles consist of:

Book 1: The House of Petunia (now currently finished and in the process of beta reading)

Book 2: The House of Motokazu (current project)

Book 3: The House of Standingground

Book 4 (yet to be written): The House of Scathland

This originally started out as one whole book! But my first immediate feedback was that 191,000 words was way to long for a first novel and therefore unpublishable! Gah! However hope was not lost. As I recovered from incoherent rage (you get that a lot when you enter into the writing game) I realised that I had two books if I split the original in half. After further discussion with people in the know I realised that the two books were still too long so I wrangled a bit and realised that I now had three books. The Standingground Chronicles were well underway! Right now I’m working on getting the story arcs right and streamlining the whole thing.

This is not a fast process.


The Cat’s Tale

So when you’re a new author its wise to have a stand alone project rather than a series to attract that elusive contract. This meant that The Cat’s Tale project got bumped up the ladder. I’ve only just begun work on it but I can give you a preview of the opening paragraph.

I am just a simple cat. I didn’t ask to be caught up in all this nonsense. And believe me, anything that doesn’t include having a nice snooze in the sun or hunting for something tasty is nonsense.

Humans are one big nonsense.

But when the Great One asks you, what are you going to do? 

Mind you I would rather cough up a hairball than help a human…


Fairy Tale Adaption of East of the Sun and West of the Moon

We have reason to believe that you have been approached by a polar bear…

So begins my retelling of this old Norse fairy tale. This is way down the pipeline and I’m still working out the details like: short story, or full novel? Standingground universe or completely new world? Will keep you posted as details unfold.