If You’re Wondering Who I Am…

Welcome to Sillylicious!!IMG_20170807_120719

D. D. Costard is my pen name and authorial alter ego. When I’ve stumbled out of the telephone booth after a day creating awesome fiction, my everyday persona is Andrea Coster, mild mannered retail assistant – which is how I eat and pay rent while I’m creating awesome works of fiction and trying to get it published.

But don’t be fooled. I hold degrees in theology and history (which is why I’m still a mild mannered retail assistant, and not making ridiculous amounts of money designing iphones that go obsolete after two days).

In a past life I’ve been an educator and a music pastor. Who would guess that under such a mild mannered exterior would lurk the author of such fine future works as The Standingground Chronicles and The Cat’s Tale?

Maybe I should wear a mask and a cape when I work so I can scare the librarian in the Laidlaw Library…

My telephone booth is in Christchurch, New Zealand (a.k.a Middle Earth). I live with my flatmates and one cat, binge watch anime, knit sporadically and learn about random stuff like history and theology.

Needless to say I am a chain reader… (similar to a chain smoking only without the bad breath and cancer risk).


bless you and enjoy

D. D. Costard